Taouret this flying hippo is inspired by Taouret, the protecting goddess of pregnancy and children in ancient egypt. long range mob, fighting with elder’s skulls . Sculp in Zbrush , retopo with 3D-coat , texturing Substance Designer. fully rigged and animated with blendshapes. Taouret Demo rig from Maxence Lottin on Vimeo. Animation Animations by my…

Sobek Dagger

SOBEK DAGGER Dagger made for a final year game “SINNAD” taking place in Ancient Egypt Concept inspired from a Crocodile tail, tribute to Sobek the Crocodile God modeling in Zbrush/ Retopo 3d-coat 1720 tris Texturing made with Substance Designer

Global GameJam 2018

3615 Futur Game made during the Global Game Jam 2018  Gameplay is a kind of keyboard – twister. Player must  push key linked with the green light on the rack + hold tab key and the left arrow key on this project I done the modeling/texturing : desk smiley clock toaster red and blue wire…

Most wanted skin

Texturing of a Ford Mustang model done for sketchfab texturing challenge Map and HDRIproduce with substance designer When i was a kid i really loved NSF most wanted so is a kind of fanart Based on “(Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Sports Car Base – Base )” by (Renafox), licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike. Sketchfab Texturing Challenge “Most wanted”…

Rocky Scene

Poetic scene made for a Sketchfab Contest  3D environment based on chromatical opposition, red & blue as attraction and insensibility. Like love this scene is a mix of these two tones wich perfectly do the purple of secret feeling. voxel sculpt , retopo and texturing done on 3D-coat. set up in Blender. heart impact by Maxence…

Bar Realtime Wiew

Quick scene from an animation in 3ds Max Modeling on 3ds max , texturing on Substance Designer Bar prewiew by Maxence Lottin on Sketchfab

Queen of Dawn

Character for a bomberman game. Sculpted on Zbrush. Retopo with 3ds max. Texturing Substance Designer. Queen of Dawn by Maxence Lottin on Sketchfab